Subscription legal service (legal outsourcing)

Subscription legal services include verbal and written consultations on the issues connected with business activity, contract development and legal analysis of contracts and other legal documents, legislation monitoring, representation of interests during auditing and other legal services, depending on the chosen package of services.

Legal consulting in IT field
Legal support of activity of IT companies and Internet-projects, development of pre-incorporation agreement, model building of business, development of licence contracts, user agreements and public offers, legal provision of partner programmes, support of purchase and sale of Internet projects.

Criminal law attorney service

Representation of interests of clients at the stage of pre-trial investigation and in court, protection of interests of the injured party, lawyer’s support during searches and other proceedings, risk  assessment of criminal nature during business activity planning, consultations on the issues of criminal law, appeal of illegal actions and judgements.

Tax disputes and tax planning

Legal advice on the issues of fiscal law, representation of interests during inspections of Tax Administration authorities, appeal of decisions of Tax Administration authorities, representation of interests in commercial and administrative courts of different instances, preparation of the necessary procedural documents.

Registration of business

Assistance in the choice of the form and jurisdiction for business, compilation and making amendments to articles of association, registration of companies in Ukraine, establishment of business structures abroad, consulting on the issues of  business structuring, construction of optimal scheme to own and run business.

Real estate and land legal relations

Legal audit of real estate assets, support of purchase and sale transaction of real estate assets, legal assistance during registration of the rights for real estate assets and land, during the change of the designated use of land, representation of interests in courts on the issues connected with land legal relations and real estate assets.

Registration of trade mark 

Preliminary search of identity and similarity of the mark (trade mark), preparation and submission of a trade mark registration application, receipt of a trade mark certificate (brand), development and registration of licence contracts.

Road traffic accidents disputes

Attorney’s support at the scene of action, verbal advice, including consultations with involvement of an auto mechanic, protection of interests of road traffic accident participants in cases of administrative offences, civil and criminal cases; assistance during the organization and conduct of expert evaluation of autotechnical and merchandising examinations.

Liquidation of an enterprise and bankruptcy

Services of a receiver, initiation and support of the bankruptcy procedure of a debtor, debtor’s sanctions, debtor’s asset sales at bankruptcy procedure, support of enterprise liquidation procedure on the owner’s initiative.

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