About the firm

“Vileon” Law Firm was established in 2006 by the partners-lawyers Yuriy Vishnevetskiy, Liudmila Gavrilova and Tatiana Vishnevetskaya.

For 7 years of successful work, “Vileon” Law Firm has managed to build a solid team of specialists in different branches of law and has gained the reputation of reliable and competent partner.

So far “Vileon” Law Firm includes 10 law experts (most of them are attorneys), who have working experience in the leading law firms, law enforcement authorities, public prosecutor’s office, courts, state tax administration authorities, major domestic enterprises.

The partners of the firm have certificates of different regional and national ratings. In 2010 the partner of the firm – lawyer Yuriy Vishnevetskiy entered top three finalists of “Legal Awards 2010”, nomination “The best trial lawyer”.

Among our clients are major construction firms, banks, enterprises involved in agrarian sector, domestic and foreign IT-companies, regional branches of public organizations and political parties.

The main activities of the firm’s profile are the following:

  • complex legal support of business activities of companies;
  • cases in the field of economic law, fiscal law, civil law, corporate law;
  • execution procedure and bankruptcy;
  • criminal cases and cases on road traffic accidents;
  • registration of business;
  • complex legal support of electoral subjects.

We offer cooperation by means of conclusion of one-time agreement as well as subscription legal services, the advantage of which is prevention of problem situation origin by provision of efficient legal assistance. In its turn, it will prevent financial expenses connected with elimination of such situations in future.

Lawyers’ specialization in particular branches of law, great experience in solution of similar problems of different enterprises, application of team approach to the solution of the situation, independent and objective opinion on Client’s problems provide high quality of the rendered legal services.

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